Prepare to Learn

How To Prepare For My First Online Lesson

  • It is important that both the teacher and the student maintain the agreement for the weekly meetings that they have discussed. In order for your child to receive the support that he/she needs, the schedule must remain intact. From time to time, emergencies do occur. However, it is requested that the teacher and the student must allow 24 hours in order to cancel and reschedule the lesson for a later time that same week.
  • Teachers are required to log on to the website 10 minutes prior to their first lesson.
  • Students are required to log on to the website 5 minutes prior to their lesson. Once again, they must have their "Meeting Room Number" and their "Meeting Room Password" to gain access. ***Please refer to the one that was sent for their specific teacher that they have been matched with – not the initial one to access my classroom where the Initial Reading Evaluation occurred. This is so important because if you do not use your child's teachers "Meeting Room Number" and their "Meeting Room Password" you will not be able to gain access to their classroom.***
  • Once you have been granted access and you are in your teacher's classroom, you must perform your audio set-up to ensure that both your microphone and your headset are working properly. Simply go up to the top where it says "Audio" and complete the audio set up. This only takes a few minutes but, it must be completed prior to the beginning of your lesson.
  • Your teacher might be currently involved in lesson when you first arrive in his/her class. Please complete the audio set up and wait until your scheduled time. Your teacher will complete his/her lesson with his/her other student and will be ready at your agreed upon time.
  • Your teacher will load the book that he/she and his/her student will work on and the lesson will begin on time.
  • Enjoy the virtual classroom 506.471.9400