First Session

What do I need to do prior to my first session?

  • Once you have requested to have your child tutored online, I will contact you to schedule an Initial Reading Evaluation for your child.
  • I will send you an e-mail that will consist of a lot of information but, the most important that you must keep is the "Meeting Room Number" and the "Meeting Room Password". You will need both of these numbers in order to access the Virtual Classroom. In order to log on to your session, please go to
  • Once at this website, go to the right top hand corner where you will see: "Attend a Meeting". Click on this button and this is where you will need to enter the "Meeting Room Number" and the "Meeting Room Password".
  • Following the Initial Reading Evaluation, I will share the results with you, the parents, and then I will match your child with a teacher.
  • Once the match has occurred, I will provide the teacher with your contact information.
  • Your teacher will contact you either by phone or by e-mail to schedule your weekly meetings. 506.471.9400